We provide total wellness packages for individuals, groups and corporations.  Our protocols help people learn how to take care of themselves, get out of the ‘sick care system’ and lead healthy productive lives.

We use the comprehensive pillars of D.R.E.S.S. for health success that include Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation.

Our Diet programs are individualized through Metabolic Typing and personal preference.  We don’t make you eat what you don’t want, we tailor what you like to make them healthy.  We have low glycemic and Paleo chefs on hand to make eating healthy fun and satisfying.  Our people usually end up eating more and finally becoming nourished.

We teach our clients about the value of rest and how a lack of sleep can interfere with their wellness.  We also teach them strategies for making sure that they get adequate sleep on a regular basis.

Exercise is a huge part of any wellness program.  Clients learn how to use resources available to them to get the movement and strength their body needs.  Whether they are on the road all the time, have never exercised or don’t think they can, we’ll show them a way to move and use exercise to achieve their wellness goals.

Stress reduction is probably the single most important part of what we do at Dresser Wellness and it’s two-fold.  We use functional labs to uncover hidden stressors in the body related to hormones, immune system, detoxification and digestion.  We seek to find the root cause of our client’s main complaints and provide healing protocols to achieve optimal health.  We are health detectives and we won’t stop until we know what is causing malfunction in the body.

The other kind of stress is external which can be family, job or relationship.  We teach our clients to recognize people and situations that are robbing them of vitality and provide strategies for reducing the negative effect on their health.

Last in DRESS for health success is Supplementation.  We use targeted protocols that include supplements to help bridge the gap between the inadequate nutrition contained in our standard American diet and what is truly needed to nourish our bodies.